Thursday, 31 May 2012

still feeling like death

So the day after I planted my seeds there was a frost warning..................................................................
Such is life.

I am lucky I had a giant roll of plastic left over in my basement from some home repairs that were going on a few years ago and i had exactly 8.5 x 18 feet left. I also bought some of those tiny plastic garden covers with the metal rings that dig into the ground from the dollar store to cover anything the plastic couldn't reach. My garden is 9x13.5 feet so some on the sides needed the dollar store covers. I am going to leave the plastic on until the night temperatures are warmer than 5 degrees celcius...which is the temperature forecasted for tonight.

My disease biology class is over and I only have Monday night class aside from my experiment that is sort of stalled right now because of complications so I have been sitting in my couch with brain debilitating sinus congestion for the past two days. I managed to apply for a bursary yesterday though, since I guess I can still write essays while I'm sick after years of practice.

Full time university + a shitty immune system + a penchant for anxiety which further supresses immune system + living in the North = lots of colds when I have no time for colds.

 my cheese cloth came in for the rain barrel. hopefully we get to this next week sometime.
 My new battery charger finally got picked up. SMART CHARGER..turns OFF the juice when the battery is charged. Only 30 bucks US.
 NOT A SMART CHARGER..does not turn off after batteries are fully charged causing them to overheat...could have burned my house down but luckily i caught it shortly after it had melted and warped and ruined 4 batteries. As you can see the bottom portion does not even slide back up to meet the battery anymore because the plastic melted. Wasted $50 Canadian. It was the only charger available at The Source.

 I bought the new one from Fast service. Loved it .
 It looks like something from the 80's so it's got to be good. Haha. When I get some cash I am going to buy a bunch more rechargable batteries for some flashlights and toys around the house. I'm sure there will be many more brown outs and black outs this summer since it's probably going to be another blisteringly hot summer. I need to get my basement set up for us to chill out in on these hot days. My upstairs with the huge bay window is like a sauna until 10 pm
 I am currently subsisting off of the leftovers from this "thoup" as my son calls it. I think I want to live off soup for the next few weeks. I have enough veggies in there to make another huge pot. Simple. Fast. Tasty.
 My final purchase before my credit card was maxed out. Now I hope I have SOMETHING to preserve by the end of the season. sigh.
 Trying to peel a huge orange by himself. He relented to my mother seconds later, but he always has to try for himself first. I think this is a good quality.
Random cat picture.

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