Thursday, 28 June 2012

you know you're a crazy cat lady when...

You scold your cats like children for scaring one another. My male cat was noncholantly meowing near my feet and then all of a sudden made a "meoAAAHH" sound like something scared him horribly. So I looked down and my kitten had attacked him from behind the couch. I think it scared me more than anything though.
 I was brought food and coffee by two separate people over the weekend at work
 Well, I am finally officially done the physical work of my experiment. These were the lamprey left over that I had to bring back from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans building to the University
 My cousin came with me because she's curious even though she was incredibly squeamish. She likes to make herself uncomfortable hahaha. One jumped out of the tanks as I was slowly gathering them with a goldfish net and she went running! It was fun to have her there while I was doing the boring clean up./
 Meanwhile my husband was off work and my son was still not well enough to go to daycare so they went down to Aunty Charla's by the water and played on the trampoline. Evan said that Damien kicked everyone off of was his first time so I guess they let it slide haha. This image was from phone to phone to computer so the quality ended up sucking. Can you tell he is in mid air?
 My male..Bart. Will be 5 people years this July. You can see their claws did some lovely work exposing the foam on the back of these old couches. Someday I will renovate or move or rebuild and the cats will have their own big play area with couches to ruin
 I already have ready radishes, and it's been less than 30 days since I planted! We made a salad with them last night and my mom and brother were here to help us eat it.
 My poor spinach. Can I pick it now?
 My one surviving cucumber plant
 My one surviving bush bean plant
 My huge ass zucchini.
 My other slightly smaller zucchini....because I moved it
 I planted more spinach seeds...a few are coming up
 My few surviving carrots...I will NEVER try to move carrot seedlings again...they don't make it
 My tomato plants made it and are looking hardier and thicker..I just hope they fruit
 I have two sets of them
 Radishes! yes they are purple, my favourite colour! aside from green. I was purple and green girl throughout elementary and high school. I still remember the first day of grade 6, I had new purple jeans, a purple top and purple elastics on my braces wires hahahahahaha
We watched Harriet the Spy while I studied yesterday. Yes I love stupid kid's movies....forever!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

 well this was a crazy week. my cousin/sister finally came home from korea for a short visit before moving away AGAIN (something i plan to do eventually too) and we had a family get together! On my dad's side of my family, I have 13 aunts and uncles, my dad was the eldest, here are some of his siblings and their kids (far right is a cousin not an aunt). my aunts and cousins are legendary hotties around here.
 a lot of fun was had
 haha this is my aunt diving for the ball before it rolled into the wine bottle. she failed. the lid was screwed on anyway
some chatting about my cousin's experience in korea, specifically how old some of the standing buildings are there, my uncle's knowledge impressed me
 i bought a salad tupperware with a little dressing holder thing in the lid that u can slide open to release the dressing and i use it for cereal haha
 It was a loooong week of this
 And staring at this. But I'm finally done! Now to write my thesis....
 taken for an elvis freak friend, and some fassbender below, just for me......obsessed with fassbender

 Not only did my cousin come home, but my nephew and my mom and damien and i had a sleepover and i haven't seen my nephew in a year! i accidentally referred to him as ten and he said AUNTY i'M 11 ! Sorry kid, i guess it just seemed like no time had passed when he walked in the door. he was taller though.
 And as silly and fun as ever
 Damien even got to get up for a bit and play with him
 He doesn't look it here but he was very sick all week and is still not at full health today. He had a fever for roughly 4 days off and on. Very stuffed up and coughing. Poor guy.
 He is so quiet and just wants to be close to me when he's sick. His clinginess when sick, my experiment, my family visitors, and trying to spend time with Evan made me completely neglect my blog, not that I have any readers waiting for my next post aha.
 He had some back to normal hours in every sick day
 Mmmmmm berry season
And of course I fit in some Michael J Fox!

Monday, 18 June 2012

 garden protection! it wont stop raining every other day so it will all wash away soon. egg shells, cayenne pepper and the home made pesticide i made earlier and froze in batches. i broke that spray bottle...need a better way to deliver the pesticide than dollar store spray bottles that clog easily...
 my radishes wilted for about 2 days after i loved them but look much better now
 my zucchini that didn't move is a lot larger
 tomatoes in pots are getting taller
 my sad little successful patch of spinach, i planted more spinach seeds...waiting!
 cilantro takes sooo long to germinate and sprout! finally just coming up now
 egg shells and cayenne pepper, take that slugs! i have never actually seen more than one slug and it was being eaten by a pile of i'm not sure what is putting holes in my radish leaves and ate two of my 3 cucumber plants
the colour of rust
 i want to try to find chia seeds, black rice and amaranth...i love carbs and i need healthier versions other than white rice..kinda tired of quinoa too
 Nurse Jackie is so airbrushed I almost didn't recognize her...sheesh...that's not necessary..she's still an attractive woman with a few lines on her face.
My mother brought me this...with good intentions...but I did not drink it...took a was completely bitter, not sure if she ordered it wrong or...

I did ten minutes of the first Insanity dvd and then rode my exercise bike for another 15 tonight! Felt great. Need to get up early and pack a lunch AND dinner for I will be at my experiment all day and then have class 4-7pm. Hope I will have the energy to ride the bike for a bit again tomorrow! Chatting with a friend got me motivated again. Having a workout buddy is sooooooo important....for me anyway. I think tomorrow I will do some strength training with Jillian and the bike. Battling some mosquitos in my livingroom and then bedtime for me!

Friday, 15 June 2012

oh right i graduated

 man this already feels like so long ago and i just finished in april
 evan's jalapeno plant has more flowers

 Tried to get a photo from below
 New buds on my green peppers
 My sea of herbs
 The one tomato plant I kep inside. Evan isnt convinced we will have tomatoes and wants to go buy a plant..I will humour him
 Okra! (makes me think of Austin powers sayin "OP-RAH" in one of the three i need to watch those!
 The peppers I planted sprung up a bit more...I want to climatize these and plant a few outside..even if i get nothing from them
 I think I've been watching too much Mad Men..this caught my eye at Winners hahaha
 Star anise looks like an insect when its covered in sauce...
 A tofu, rice, onion, and pea stir fry in hoisin and soy sauce I made yesterday
 That's my radishes spread they were more bunched together. I just used a small hand garden shovel and dug as deep as I could around the plants to uproot them gently then laid them out on the ground beside me until it looked like the ones remaining were far enough apart, then i made some new rows with the pulled ones using the shovel to stab and move the earth and with the shovel still in the ground, slid the roots down alongside the shovel then gently pulled the shovel back out and the dirt just fell into place around the radish, then i patted down the soil and moved on. I just hope they make it. There was already a thickened radishy area on quite a few of the roots.

 I am going to plant more herbs on the deck in pots and hope they fare better. I have no luck with cilantro
 I had 3 zucchini in the same spot, I spread them out and potted one for my mom. I hope the rabbits around her house don't eat it on her
 He was less than impressed that my attention was on the garden for a few minutes
 A lot of my spinach didn't make it...the root at the soil surface was very very thin and either broke or just wouldn't hold up the plant anymore. I don't think this was from a pest, but I doubt the wind coud cause it either....not sure.
 Hahaha, sometimes 2 year olds can surprise you. I came around the corner from turning the hose on and he was already watering the garden for me!
 Then he was very upset when the water stopped but we explained to him that the plants can drink too much and get sick.
Then he allowed us to take him in and give him a bath