Sunday, 24 June 2012

 well this was a crazy week. my cousin/sister finally came home from korea for a short visit before moving away AGAIN (something i plan to do eventually too) and we had a family get together! On my dad's side of my family, I have 13 aunts and uncles, my dad was the eldest, here are some of his siblings and their kids (far right is a cousin not an aunt). my aunts and cousins are legendary hotties around here.
 a lot of fun was had
 haha this is my aunt diving for the ball before it rolled into the wine bottle. she failed. the lid was screwed on anyway
some chatting about my cousin's experience in korea, specifically how old some of the standing buildings are there, my uncle's knowledge impressed me
 i bought a salad tupperware with a little dressing holder thing in the lid that u can slide open to release the dressing and i use it for cereal haha
 It was a loooong week of this
 And staring at this. But I'm finally done! Now to write my thesis....
 taken for an elvis freak friend, and some fassbender below, just for me......obsessed with fassbender

 Not only did my cousin come home, but my nephew and my mom and damien and i had a sleepover and i haven't seen my nephew in a year! i accidentally referred to him as ten and he said AUNTY i'M 11 ! Sorry kid, i guess it just seemed like no time had passed when he walked in the door. he was taller though.
 And as silly and fun as ever
 Damien even got to get up for a bit and play with him
 He doesn't look it here but he was very sick all week and is still not at full health today. He had a fever for roughly 4 days off and on. Very stuffed up and coughing. Poor guy.
 He is so quiet and just wants to be close to me when he's sick. His clinginess when sick, my experiment, my family visitors, and trying to spend time with Evan made me completely neglect my blog, not that I have any readers waiting for my next post aha.
 He had some back to normal hours in every sick day
 Mmmmmm berry season
And of course I fit in some Michael J Fox!

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