Monday, 30 July 2012

 yojimbo's tank while his other tank is being washed
 this is just going to overtake the garden, but i didnt buy the proper things to train it upwards so i'm letting it go!

 a superbud..two tomatoes from the same bud

 i trimmed this down to the stalk and it all grew back!
 i planted some random perennial flowers in front of my house and i guess some of the seeds traveled and this viney thing is growing near the garden and is apparently yummy to monarch caterpillars!
 damien found this beetle

 took a quick ride to the water
looks kinda gross but was soooo good. mushrooms sauteed in a tablespoon of margarine with an onion, then added a cup or so of water and a chicken oxo cube, pepper, and thyme and put two chicken breast in to cook. the liquid mostly cooked out by the time the chicken was done. ate this right after my workout. day is far from over, time to start cleaning!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

 thaaaat was a bad idea
 Evan made a chicken chili with some zucchini from the garden! It was sooo good
 dash of olive oil to soften the veggies: onion, zucchini, red kidney beans, chicken thighs, a bit of chicken broth, green pepper, garlic, a whole jar of herdez green salsa, can of tomatoes, cumin, coriander, paprika, cilantro, a bit of lime juice, saigan cinnamon, and unsweetened cocoa, and of course lots of chili powder, some salt and pepper
 god i love netflix, i got to relive some power rangers original series
 we have quite a few tomatoes now!
 we finally went to the farmer's market and got some more organic ground beef and we put down a deposit for 3 chickens which will be ready on august 10th from Pearce Farm

 My husband's mother's side of the family have annual HUGE family reunions, this year's theme was Christmas in July. Damien rode in a parade with his float that had pictures of his family on it
 I made a trail mix that I kept in my purse and nibbled on here and there for days. It keeps me from breaking down and ordering something bad when I'm hungry and waiting to go home

 Chicken and beans via my husband again!
 I'm DONE for a month!!
 and at my mother's suggestion we got damien another pet
 here's yojimbo, acclimating to his tank. poor guy was living in a cup before this

 The early hominids I learned about, all the way down to modern human on the right

 My husband had yet another show to play this summer

 Haha you can see his old man cell phone holder
 ass indeed
 look i have friends!
 Here is the singer of ANVIL! lips!

 Amidst my studying and shows and shopping I was still able to bring Damien to play at the park

Siiigh I love willow trees, who doesn't?

Monday, 23 July 2012

 there were spiders and rain on my weekend work days.
 but also an exciting short (very short) night out with my son to watch his daddy perform at the annual summer rotaryfest in his band Garden of Bedlam!

 This was his very first time seeing daddy play guitar live
 At first he yelled for his dad, but when he realized he couldn't hear him he staaaared intently.
 Then we sat, and he looked around and listened.

 He eventually danced. This was over a duration of 3 songs, so 15 minutes. Then we left.
I am studying human evolution (my summer class finals are this week) which involves learning about apes and monkeys. I was never one to like learning dates and timelines so I'm not having the most fun, but the fossils are rather interesting to learn about.

We ate our one jalapeno that grew on our jalapeno plant, damn it was hot! Even my husband had a hard time with it , haha. We may prune it a bit to see if that produces any more. Nothing on my green peppers. I will post outdoor garden updates by this weekend. Exams are done Friday night!