Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 1 went well, I ate well. I had 2 poached eggs for breakfast with a tablesppon of ketchup, an ounce of parmesan brick cheese (sooo much calcium) and some raspberries for a snack, some leftover quinoa salad and 3 oz. of lean pork for lunch, and then a chickpea salad with 1 cup of chick peas and 1.5 tablesoons of olive oil for supper, then a strawberry banana, pear nectar, chia seed powder and flax seed smoothie before bed. In total it was about 1530 calories.

YESTERDAY not so good, I went about 400 calories over (1900) because I ate pork sausages and a baked potato from the grill for supper, and ate at a restaurant for lunch, AND snacked on some green salsa and tostitos chips before bed. I also didn't work out because I was extremely sore. So yesterday was my rest day. I am about to work out right now, and I'm still sore, but I will push through and use my lighter weights. I think one of my problems was using my 8 pound weights for Workout 1 instead of my 5 pound ones.

 my dinner, I had to eat in 2 sittings. 1 cup of chickpeas is a lot!
 This was so yummy and just enough to keep me from going to bed hungry
 We went to my cousins house to visit and had a swim in her pool, except Damien just sort of sat on the steps and we played with him there, he's a little afraid of water even though he likes to be near it
For supper today, I am slow cooking a lean pork cut, which you can't see because its covered in 2 cans of enchilada sauce, some green salsa, an onion, some cilantro and pickled jalapenos. Evan said in mexican restaurants in Memphis where he lived for a few years, they called mixing red and green sauces "Christmas" dishes. So I guess that's what we're having

 my husband sent me the pics we took from his phone

 And I just did workout 2 of Phase 1 in Jillian's Body Revolution. I took it easier on the weights this time. Feelin good!

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