Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 3 was not very productive. I ended up having a bottle of wine with my cousin/best friend who will be leaving indefinitely in about a week to live halfway across the country so I decided to have some fun with her despite my diet plan. So I drank and ate myself up to 1900 calories again. I also didn't exercise on day 4 because well, I was hung over
But today I am back to the plan. I packed my breakfast and lunch and am at work until this afternoon. I packed simply: my blended veggie soup I made earlier this week for breakfast, some rice and some leftover pork taco sauce from the slow cooker poured over it (sounds gross but its a spicy tangy sauce and sooo goood. I ended up skipping snacks so I could have some mashed potatoes, gravy and roast beef at a family dinner at my husband's aunt's house. I stayed within my 1500 calories, but admittedly, mashed potatoes and gravy are not the best way to get those calories.
Since I missed yesterday's workout I am going to attempt doing two tonight. Hopefully it tires me out early and I go to bed by 10 pm again because I need to be up at 6 am for work!
A simple meal from a couple days ago, sauteed onions and fresh tomato in some brown rice with soy sauce.
There's the sauce I used on my rice today
I also cooked down some kale with a wee bit of olive oil and some cloves of garlic, not too much because my stomach is sensitive to garlic, and stored it in portions in the freezer.

feeling good after a workout and shower
ugh! haha
This was the end of the night, which i barely remember. Terri and I are dog starved, we love them and neither of us have one
Definitely my kid...we both love eating tostitos plain
Easy there chum
My veggie soup, it's very satisfying
Evan's aunt lives on a bay and my son loves playing on her "beach"
Technically I guess it is a beach
It was bright

We stayed down there for about a half hour and then it was time to eat!

I will shower tonight so I have enough time to make an omelette in the morning, and I think I'll pack another home made veggie soup, another serving of kale, and an apple with some almond butter for protein. We have sausages to grill for dinner for the boys and I will have some grilled chicken and mixed greens. Time to chug some water before my son goes to bed and I have to work out!

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