Monday, 30 July 2012

 yojimbo's tank while his other tank is being washed
 this is just going to overtake the garden, but i didnt buy the proper things to train it upwards so i'm letting it go!

 a superbud..two tomatoes from the same bud

 i trimmed this down to the stalk and it all grew back!
 i planted some random perennial flowers in front of my house and i guess some of the seeds traveled and this viney thing is growing near the garden and is apparently yummy to monarch caterpillars!
 damien found this beetle

 took a quick ride to the water
looks kinda gross but was soooo good. mushrooms sauteed in a tablespoon of margarine with an onion, then added a cup or so of water and a chicken oxo cube, pepper, and thyme and put two chicken breast in to cook. the liquid mostly cooked out by the time the chicken was done. ate this right after my workout. day is far from over, time to start cleaning!

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