Sunday, 5 August 2012

 day 1 of kerry's new healthier lifestyle! green tea in the morning
 i finally remembered to use my new salad tupperware
 it has an ice pack and a salad dressing cute! got me some kraft calorie wise french dressing in there
 brought all my teas ...wasn't sure what i was going to want...went with a green chai
 had salad from the garden...those cucumbers seemingly came out of nowhere...they grow super fast
 i realize this book is supposed to come as a companion to some sort of diet and exercise plan but the recipes were irresistible looking

 he's hard to see, but we were watching a bird eat a cracker...that he already had...we stumbled upon him and he didnt fly away, so we lingered and watched
 someday i will have a better camera

 we both love the trees here at bellevue park

 the obligatory seagull chasing...he says "hey come back here!"

 If there's water nearby, he will be in it
 Then we went for a drive onto St. Joseph Island where Damien slept and Evan and I snacked (woops) and then we stopped at some more water

 Then I got called in to work and missed out on a family birthday party
Also, I had a second burning pain nausea attack (the first was after a midday coffee and taking my vitamins, so I thought it was the vitmains fault) after drinking coffee and realized I have mild gastritis which could lead to a freakin ulcer if I don't change some things. So I'm changing them for good this time. Scary. my dad lived with an ulcer and I could tell he was often in a pain fog that prevented him from fully enjoying life.

We cleaned my basement this week which has been a long time coming. A lot of dusting, vacuuming, throwing away and donating of items, and moving thigs around. My old bedroom is down there and we set it up as a guest bedroom for my mother to nap in when she's over. We bought her a foam mattress topper and a memory foam pillow too! She has fibromyalgia. Another thing I hope isn't genetic! Yeesh

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