Thursday, 9 August 2012

 mmm rolled oats and frozen blueberries....cooked enough for tomorrow morning too
 umm i dont know what to do with these lol
 This was waiting for me at the post office, totally forgot i ordered it for the Alice in Wonderland party that is no longer happening siiiiiiiiigh, I can still wear it around the house though! its

 found out cilantro has pretty flowers...i'm hoping to collect seeds from these things
 evan is just drooling waiting for these to show some signs of ripening
 this is all the carrots i grew because my seeds sort of drifted all over my garden after i sowed them during heavy rain and most of the carrots were too crowded
 fresh lettuce and basil from the garden...for my recipe!

 I'm making spring rolls! Cut up the cucumber and some carrots and marinated them in rice vinegar and olive oil (had no sesame oil wah) and a bit of salt and sugar
 chopped up my lettuce and basil from the garden and some cilantro from the grocery store (ran out of cilantro in the garden)
 boiled some ramen in chicken broth (had no rice noodles)
 drained the marinade into a separate bowl (its going to be the dipping sauce)
 Added a little less than a teaspoon of chili paste to the marinade

 and some fiish sauce, then its ready

 sit the rice paper in hot-ish water until its hydrated (a few seconds)

 then u put it in and wrap it!

 had to taste test lol

 also didn't get many walla walla onions garden was way to small, and i will never have two zucchini plants again..those things are beyond gigantic
 These were pan fried in a bit of olive oil, grated fresh ginger, some more fish sauce, salt, pepper, and two crushed garlic cloves and about 1/3 cup of cooked down sugar (which i cooked down in a separate pot - its hard to keep it from hardening so transfer  it fast into the hot chicken pan! i'm sure you can cook it down first and then put everything else in with it though)

 my husband was smitten. the fresh basil really adds a kick to these things. first time i had them was in a vietnamese restuarant in Ottawa and I didnt really like  the strong basil flavour, but the more i eat fresh herbs the more i like them
 In other news, my son hand feeds peanuts to a chipmunk that lives across the street in the bushes
haha he's a blur of speed

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