Saturday, 25 August 2012

 baha my weird hairline
 little ontario pears...yummy
 debbie travis shelves $30 at crappy tire. my son's room
 his fish's air filter motor needed to be elevated above the tank, and he can use some more decorative embellishments. haven't decided what to put on the shelves yet

 one organic chicken down, 2 to go. This guy fed us twice. soup was had the next day with the remainders. I rubbed this with crushed cloves, paprika, garlic salt, pepper, and margarine (I never use butter).
 Had some mashed potatoes and yams too
 ommgggggg the season of Indian Tacos. Fry bread, chili, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese or sour cream. I want to make my own but with bannock (a baked version of fry bread)
 Got some canned jellies and tomatoes from Evan's Aunt and Uncle down the street. Locally picked berries and tomatoes from their garden.
Brown toes in the bath. Splash splash

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