Saturday, 11 August 2012

 Auntie Angela stopped over to talk to my son. She's the youngest of 14 kids and my dad was the oldest. Crazy!
 Grandma always has the good stuff. A sun umbrella and some fruit and peanuts.
 And he has the best face

 He wanted to clean his own mess
 I hope he's still like that as a teenager (HA!)

 Went for a walk on the boardwalk today. I rarely have Saturday's off so we didn't know what to do with ourselves!
 That Immortality Tea looked a little suspect to me lol
 I went to Teaopia to get a tea latte since coffee is now my enemy

 It was a taste I will have to acquire...a little strange
Trying to peel your toddler away from these things is like ..well's like trying to peel a toddler away from the park, toys in the dentist's office, toys on store shelves, or any body of water (maybe that's just my kid)!

I can't believe I'm in a workout rut again! Since before I reduced caffeine and fizzy drinks, so I can't even blame it on that. This blog is actually helping me to try to stay on track and keep my word (and so is the wedding invitation magneted to the fridge) even if no one reads it! So thank you blog. I will go for a run on my treadmill today, but I'm still avoiding the Body Revolution dvd's. I also want to try meditation for help with my sky rocketing anxiety. My dad used to do it and he was the coolest dude ever so I don't see why I can't try. I'm sure youtube will have some informative videos on the subject, haha.

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