Saturday, 18 August 2012

mmmm a fresh salsa i made as a chicken sandwich topper
rolled oats for breakfast
It's been rainy and windy and cold the last couple of days, but its sunny today! Just in time for the pow wow

I hadn't had coffee or pop in almost two weeks. I had a diet pepsi last night because I was drained and felt like a zombie but couldn't nap because I had to go to bed and then get up early, and I just wanted a little caffeine. AAAnnnand my stomach is burning this morning. It's not as bad as before, but it's a dull annoying ache. So, I guess pop is very necessary to permanently delete. My stomach hasn't been hurting from tea, or any foods. Just. That. Pop. Sigh.

Stopped by the community graveyard and the apple tree had a branch down

We all love crab apples. Sour foods loving family
Duck face?
I was pretty much stuck on the couch after work with exhaustion. I need to start taking my iron supplements. Feel good today though, hopefully I can work out later.

I found another good idea on a blog. Such simple things that my brain can never think of on its own

Soon I will have this and some new livingroom curtains

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