Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I went for a pontoon boat ride yesterday! But I have no pictures because my phone was at home charging. What a fail. We even saw a painted turtle basking on a log.

I am on my 4th day with no coffee. I was even afraid to try tea in case the burning stomach pains came back but i barely steeped the tea bag and mixed it with a lot of milk and have had two cups of that a day since. I don't think I'm getting much caffeine (an 8oz cup of tea is supposed to have around 50mg versus 150 in coffee) but it's enough to make me feel like I'm still on my same routine - oh except for the MASSIVE sugar cravings and frequent and long naps. My mother brings a little baggie of cookies here to share with Damien sometimes because we have none in the house (such a grandma thing to do) and she left them here....I don't even like cookies and I demolished 3 of them -YUCK! But I instantly felt better afterwards. Reading this puts some sense to it. I am forcing myself to get back on the workout routine today too since yesterday was my son's first day back to daycare after their yearly 2 week closure. Yesterday I didn't do it because I wanted the 6 hours to be spent being lazy with my husband in a baby free house.

 Jewelry for a family theme party I bought that was subsequently cancelled , oh well. I guess I can still wear them, but I have no meaning for spades (it was an Alice in Wonderland themed party - my family is awesome)
 On Halloween he dressed as a Greaser from the Outsiders, the rest of the year he's a Soc haha

my husband liked my typo
 We are already giving a lot of these away, but I'm making another chili today with some in it
 Evan's tomatoes are going to be HUGE before they ripen! I call them his because he took way more interest in the garden than I did in the end. I'm glad though.
 About the only pic we got before his phone died too, toddler sasquatch prints

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