Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It's a good thing I'm working for the next 5 days because I am extra broke this month. My saved money has finally run out and I was in school all summer so only managed to work part time instead of getting a full time environmental summer student job like I normally do. It hasn't broken my spirits, instead it's given my husband and I a lot more time to clean and fix up the house (instead of taking the baby out to restaurants and places where we inevitably buy him or ourselves things), spend more time in the garden and reading and things like that, and I have finally gotten back into planning our meals week to week, pre-cooking and prepping food etc. It does take a bit of time but the meals are rewarding and it keeps me UNDER budget every week on food and I no longer need to pack microwave dinners for lunch or dinner at work. We also have re-instated our kitchen table as an actual eating place instead of junk storage. No more channel surfing and eating. Damien even joined us at the table and seemed to enjoy it better than his kiddie table.

I found this site called Everything Mom that I got a bunch of ideas and recipes from and will continue to use. I need to organize my bookmarks and clean up my laptop..I have a terabyte hard drive coming and plan on using it for photos. i may finally bring some to Wal Mart and print some out for albums as well. The life of a broke green student mom! Maybe its not so green to print out photos. I suppose a few are ok for on display in the house.

I have also found a much more sophistocated blog than mine with tips for living the way I want to: green and cheap,  here

 I have decided I am going to do this:  very soon and keep my eye open online for a used sofa table because my living room is an eye sore. I need need NEED new curtains and somewhere small enough to put my plants on that leaves no footing for the cats to jump up on, or I will be sweeping soil off my livinroom floor until there are no plants left.

Happy Shark Week!!

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