Monday, 16 July 2012

time for some shitty cell phone concert pics

Walking to Bayfest in the hot ass heat
Venetian Boulevard, Sarnia
The moment I set foot here I was sent back to 9 years ago when I came here with a best friend and we were too young to rent a room alone so we had to lie and say that her mom was with us and she really wasn't. They were satisfied with talking to her "mom" on the phone when they called the room. Idiots. We had her credit card and everything (she gave it to us).
It looks exactly the same!
We napped in the shade of these trees 9 years weird. We came to see Matthew Good, who I still love. We almost got heat stroke because he played during the afternoon and it was HOT and sunny just like it was this time. My friend didn't make the evening shows. Poor thing. Let's just say there was puking involved,. Haha
Looks like last night was fun. Saw a bunch of red solo cups on the ground...that country singer who sings about them was there the night before...**shudder**
I took this for my friend but never sent it haha
I didn't wear my chucks because I'm old and these are better for my feet for standing.....siiiiiiigh
LIC VIP line...thats us

Very necessary

Alice Cooper superfan
Stared at that for a half hour
The tallguy always stands directly in front of me

HAHA he's mesmerized. He hasn't been to many concerts yet. I was flabbergasted when we started dating. Concerts were all I did for years haha
This dude was so cool
You know what generation you're from when you see a snake on a performer's shoulders and think of Britney Spears hahaha
I said to Evan "i like the mutton chops guy" and he says back "Fuck, it's Elvis!" which is a quote from Detroit Rock City. He totally does look like the dude in that movie. I was laughing for the rest of the set everytime I looked at him

Be My Frankenstein


Then we came home and gave Damien his gifts.
Got some good news about my test in stats class. I brought my mark up 20% from the last test. Also, there is no class tonight, so I can be a slacker for one more night!
Missed my workouts for 3 days woops. Will get back to it tomorrow. Eating a healthy dinner tonight. Ate not too bad while we were out of town, had burgers once, yuck.

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