Monday, 2 July 2012

 sometimes i do let my cats outside. its not a safe area for them though unless i'm out there with them
 my brainstorming on this week's healthier meals. lean protein, vegetables and whole grains
 always need to leave myself reminder notes
 i love tiny oranges

 and we have our first jalapeno!
 i apparently decided to cook on one of the hottest days so far. but we're going swimming later so it sort of evens out
 beginnings of a leek potato random vegetable puree soup
 brown rice i will section and eat over the week with lean protein and veggies
 busted out and dusted off this old baby, its going to make me some pulled pork tacos later this week, which i will wrap in lettuce, not tortillas
 this Kong Zoom Groom is awesome for pets that shed a lot. I have collected large amounts of fur off not only my pets but the fabric of my couches using this. its like a very effective broom
 more radishes from the garden
 i added some to my salad
 and some to my soup
 This pot belonged to my grandmother, who passed away prematurely before even my oldest brother was born some 40 years ago. My father kept a lot of her kitchen belongings
 My deck broke!
 Well one husband and I better take some carpentry classes. Just from someone walking on it. The deck is about 20 years old now. I didn't keep up with painting it often enough either.
 Before it was blended
I added some quinoa to my vegetables and its now sitting in the fridge until we come back from swimming
 2:1 white vinegar to olive oil, a good amount of salt (yeah i know), some pepper, lots of oregano and the crappy dried grated parmesan cheese
After my soup was blended, I made a lunch out of one portion and froze 5 others

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