Monday, 23 July 2012

 there were spiders and rain on my weekend work days.
 but also an exciting short (very short) night out with my son to watch his daddy perform at the annual summer rotaryfest in his band Garden of Bedlam!

 This was his very first time seeing daddy play guitar live
 At first he yelled for his dad, but when he realized he couldn't hear him he staaaared intently.
 Then we sat, and he looked around and listened.

 He eventually danced. This was over a duration of 3 songs, so 15 minutes. Then we left.
I am studying human evolution (my summer class finals are this week) which involves learning about apes and monkeys. I was never one to like learning dates and timelines so I'm not having the most fun, but the fossils are rather interesting to learn about.

We ate our one jalapeno that grew on our jalapeno plant, damn it was hot! Even my husband had a hard time with it , haha. We may prune it a bit to see if that produces any more. Nothing on my green peppers. I will post outdoor garden updates by this weekend. Exams are done Friday night!

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