Tuesday, 17 July 2012

 Randomly went to winners during an errand run, and there was a ton of organic foods in, so we bought some since we had money left over from our trip to see iron maiden. apparently that pink salt is full of minerals and is very good for you.
 this stuff is from a famous dude whom i forget the name of at the moment, evan is a (small town) foodie and knew all about it. it was very freakin hot
 i will try to incorporate these into my trail mix snacks
 Chia seeds are full of fiber, i put a tablespoon in my shakes. and you can never have enough nuts
 with the looks of the garden i am going to have to can some zucchinis, or pickle them...
 i'm like a toddler, need new and interesting drinking apparatus' to get my water in
 we got damien (and evan) some organic treats
 the lady at the check out raved about these
 I will be finished week 2 tomorrow. doubling up my workouts and ending up being two days behind. not too bad for going out of town i guess
 zucchini plants are alien looking

 this cucmber plant grew a lot over the weekend!
 massive zucchini
 tomatoes look a little bushier but still sort of sad
 We trained those creepy little grabby strings onto some bamboo poles in hopes the cucumber plant will grow upwards now
 My greenhouse is proving to be too small for my pepper plants....not sure what to doooo
 our ONE jalapeno. he's waiting til it turns red
 Then my husband called me back outside because we had missed seeing that our tomatoes were actually starting to fruit! even after all the traumatizing i did to them

 I picked one onion that was too close to another and whose leaves were turning brown just to see how big it was...or how small i should say
 it looks like a magical little forest all its own
he refuses to cut it so now hes the guy with the ponytail!

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