Monday, 9 July 2012

 he loves noodles
 and my mother
 and not wearing pants
 I had to move a zucchini leaf aside to show the little bush bean plant...poor thing...i'm afraid to try and move it
 my massive zucchini zucchini yet
 The other one...slightly smaller
 Cucumber..and a little basil beside it
 Herrrrbs, dill, cilantro, basil
 I wish I knew how big they are
 Tomatoes are flowering...going to look up how to prune them again...
 walla walla onions...and like 3 or 4 leeks made it (on the upper left)
cilaaaaantro. always failed on me in pots...secret is to grow outside i guess!

We picked the rest of the radishes and planted more herbs and spinach. We are going to make an asian pickled radish and a radish relish with our loot. They last 1 week and 3 weeks respectively in the fridge. I can also just freeze some and use it in soups. Will start that tomorrow.

Had a major test today and have a take-home test tomorrow...that I thought i was getting last week...really need to start paying attention better. Oh summer.

Today was also the anniversary of my father's passing exactly ten years ago. Feels like yesterday he was taking me to the movies and we were eating dinner together. Just he and I lived in this house from when I was about 8 to 17. Miss you dad.

Today is also my cousin's last day in town for I don't know how long. She is moving to Vancouver. I will miss her terribly again. It's extremely engulfing when a family member is also a best friend, sometimes in a bad way but mostly good. She is the sister I never had.I will miss her too.

I did all of my workouts for Week1 of Body Revolution but my eating was usually about 400 calories over about every day except 2. I will do better next week! It is also my weigh in after next week. We'll see if I lose anything with my naughty ways. I mostly go by inches and how my clothes feel though, not weight.

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