Friday, 13 July 2012

 The smaller zucchini plant flowered the other day
 Sweaty post-workout.
Weelll week 2 is turning into another failure haha. I took my rest day yesterday and ate way too much today (although I will not miss a workout). The only thing is tomorrow I will be gone to Sarnia, so Sunday when I get back I will have to double up again. Sigh. I hope I can eat ok on the road as well. it's going to take 4-5 hours of driving through Michigan to get to Sarnia.
 Mmmm some broccoli coleslaw my husband made with pre-cut coleslaw and his own mayo and vinegar dressing. Super tangy and yummy
 Cut all the dill out of our mess of inside herbs
 Poor spindly dill plants

 Then I made a dill, sour cream, green onion and chicken broth sauce for some chicken!
 got my Michael Fassbender fix in (yjough Jane Eyre is incredibly depressing)
 Today we kept Damien out of daycare to spend the day with him since we will be out of town tomorrow and some of Sunday

 We had breakfast at Bucci's, a very homey restaurant with not so healthy food but yummy! (Here's where my bad eating started today)
 Then we went for a walk on Whitefish Island!

 We heard they had new trails and boardwalks
 And they did, and it was very nice! Let's hope it stays that way..
 The ducks and geese came over to us expectantly...sorry guys
 There's a red-winged blackbird
Lots of berries everywhere for the birds
 Fire moss?

 If I ever move away, one thing I will miss is the river

 This must have been a lot of work!

 We came upon a traditional long house
 And some other new stuff they're building
 Damien said "I want to live in there!" about the long house
 Sweaty...what else is new?
 These dudes were everywhere

 Very big and old elm trees that have so far survived disease
 The used to inocculate them against dutch elm disease but we heard they cant afford it anymore...i'm sure its just a matter of time now.....
 My zucchini flowers are now little zucchinis!!!

And there are weird little spindles coming off my cucumber plant...

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