Tuesday, 3 July 2012

holiday beach day

 At the store picking up some juice and snacks (which I later regretted haha)
 He was excited to go
 The water used to be up to where the grass starts when I was younger
 Carried him over the hot sand

 There were lots of boats out
 For someone who asks to go to the beach all the time he didn't want to stay in the water long. I think I'll bring him somewhere else next time.
 I'm passing on my love of insects, one bug at a time
 Then we came home to a hot house, bathed, had grilled chicken for supper and played until bedtime
 I saw what I think was a juvenile Eagle out my window this morning. it was HUGE
Day 1 of Jillian's Body Revolution. I'll post what I ate all day tomorrow since I am not totally sure yet what i will eat. The workout was NOT EASY even though I had gotten well past it in her plan before. What 2 months of shitty eating can do to ya! I will give myself a good two weeks before i do a weigh in. Wish me luck!

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