Sunday, 1 July 2012

 so bad but so good
 for the short time my cousin is in town, i get to enjoy random trips to wherever, which is her style. she took us to a river in the woods that my car isn't too good at getting to
 my son loooooves water

 pretty soon his little runners were soaked
 and of course i go searching for animals

 and ate snacks
 pretty bugs!

 and i love when i can pass on knowledge i learned in school and keep it fresh in my mind. i showed my son these caddisfly rock houses on the bottom of a bigger rock. they live in there and filter feed until they become an adult and come out of the water

I am finished my experiment and am finally getting over ANOTHER summer illness that was going around in my extended family and of course i contracted it, so now all i have to focus on is evening classes and beginning to sort through my data and write my thesis. i am not sure how quickly i need to report back to my professor with the data but i do know he will be out of town all next week during which time i should get it all entered into excel and have at least the materials and methods written. I will also have time to restart Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. It's not the workouts I'm worried about, it's the eating. I will need to wean myself off of bad food again, and too much coffee, and booze. Why is summer my excuse to go absolutely insane and ruin my body? Cuz it's fun I guess, and I still think I'm a kid when I am soooooo not. Well, getting up and trying again! That should count for something.

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