Friday, 20 July 2012

there were a lot of firsts this week

 first time my son went to the movies at 2.5 years old
 stats homework
also totally forgot to do an assignment and missed the due date completely....a first for me, i suck at summer school
 reading reviews of resorts in cuba (a broke student can dream) and a comment abt canadians made me laugh

 ready to go see dwight yoakam...takin pics to send to my cousin
 across the bridge to the USA
 momma was hungry

 i went up to the front of the stage once to take pics...i could tell the front rowers were anooyed with the picture takers so i didnt stay long

p.s. this was my moms first concert and shes in her 50's! i like dwight yoakam because of her so i begged her to come and she agreed!

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