Thursday, 28 June 2012

you know you're a crazy cat lady when...

You scold your cats like children for scaring one another. My male cat was noncholantly meowing near my feet and then all of a sudden made a "meoAAAHH" sound like something scared him horribly. So I looked down and my kitten had attacked him from behind the couch. I think it scared me more than anything though.
 I was brought food and coffee by two separate people over the weekend at work
 Well, I am finally officially done the physical work of my experiment. These were the lamprey left over that I had to bring back from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans building to the University
 My cousin came with me because she's curious even though she was incredibly squeamish. She likes to make herself uncomfortable hahaha. One jumped out of the tanks as I was slowly gathering them with a goldfish net and she went running! It was fun to have her there while I was doing the boring clean up./
 Meanwhile my husband was off work and my son was still not well enough to go to daycare so they went down to Aunty Charla's by the water and played on the trampoline. Evan said that Damien kicked everyone off of was his first time so I guess they let it slide haha. This image was from phone to phone to computer so the quality ended up sucking. Can you tell he is in mid air?
 My male..Bart. Will be 5 people years this July. You can see their claws did some lovely work exposing the foam on the back of these old couches. Someday I will renovate or move or rebuild and the cats will have their own big play area with couches to ruin
 I already have ready radishes, and it's been less than 30 days since I planted! We made a salad with them last night and my mom and brother were here to help us eat it.
 My poor spinach. Can I pick it now?
 My one surviving cucumber plant
 My one surviving bush bean plant
 My huge ass zucchini.
 My other slightly smaller zucchini....because I moved it
 I planted more spinach seeds...a few are coming up
 My few surviving carrots...I will NEVER try to move carrot seedlings again...they don't make it
 My tomato plants made it and are looking hardier and thicker..I just hope they fruit
 I have two sets of them
 Radishes! yes they are purple, my favourite colour! aside from green. I was purple and green girl throughout elementary and high school. I still remember the first day of grade 6, I had new purple jeans, a purple top and purple elastics on my braces wires hahahahahaha
We watched Harriet the Spy while I studied yesterday. Yes I love stupid kid's movies....forever!!!

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