Sunday, 3 June 2012

Same thing we do every week Pinky...

So I'm not sure if its the coffee I just downed or if I actually feel a little better today. I have been at work for an hour and haven't a single customer yet. I love Sundays.

Tomorrow I am going to meet my teacher at the sea lamprey (DFO) building and change our experiment. After building those tanks, he decided we cannot use them because the visibility of the animal is not consistent. Making the tanks any thinner would just reduce their normal behaviour to the point where the experiment would be criticized and not publishable. Sooo RIP tanks. The only good thing about the situation is that I can say "we tried this approach" in case we get a criticism of our NEW way of doing it, which I am not yet sure is going to work either until tomorrow.
 He also told me I need to be a veritable EXPERT on sea lamprey so off I go to read about them.

Reading all of the news lately of violence going on in Canada (shootings in the Eaton Centre in Toronto, we have a new serial killer who mails body parts to politicians) is giving me some anxiety but also making me think about the fact that shootings like that happen everyday in big cities. Just because it wasn't in a bad neighborhood and occurred in a mall, now everyone is frightened? Including myself? They believe it was a gang issue, but don't they always just say that until they know what really happened? And this serial killer dude had a blog where he drowned and suffocated kittens for YEARS and no one did anything. We all know the warning signs that sociopaths display. Step 1. Killing defenseless animals. And this guy did it for everyone to see and even e-mailed the police and warned he was going to move on to people. I guess what I'm trying to say is society is a funny place I don't really understand, and I'm ashamed that I only start to really think about it when things happen close to home and in my little safe mall bubble.

 A favourite quote of mine from an artist and someone who speaks openly about human issues and politics goes like this:

Work, entertainment – all of the aspects of modern life – are nothing more than distractions that increase the successes of power. When you have bills to pay and mouths to feed you’re not really worried about what’s happening out there – and when you get a reprieve from it you spend your time doing whatever takes your mind off of the fact that you spend the majority of your time doing what’s required to survive and achieve. That cycle, though considered by the vast majority to be unbreakable, is precisely why societies that consider themselves ‘free’ are anything but. In fact, that perpetual cycle is what guarantees the success of manipulation. Periphery information and hearsay become largely sacrosanct rather than simply parts of a much larger puzzle worth debating and questioning, giving voice to beliefs that are embarrassingly steeped in utter stupidity. -Matthew Good

I held onto it because I want to break free from this cycle someday and hopefully make a difference. I don't know if I will ever be able to, but I want to. I applaud the protesters in Montreal that other people scoff at.

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