Friday, 1 June 2012

# garden prawblems

I don't use  twitter much yet and don't really understand it..but there's my first twittery blog title. i'm hip. tucka tucka tucka tucka....austin nothing? ok.

I have decided to spend MORE money on this gardening venture by ordering a Scarecrow Motion Sensor Sprinkler because even despite having plastic on my soil to protect my seeds from frost there are dog foot prints and small holes in my garden. I shouldn't be surprised, as stray dogs are a HUGE problem in my community. It's a reason I don't bother having a dog because even if i tied him/her up in my yard from time to time, the animal would not be safe.

Here is the sprinkler in action. i hope it works. I got it from

Then I got lost in the garden centre of the costco website and am currently drooling over mini greenhouses that are about $400. I can't buy anything permanent until I know what and where I am doing/going after I graduate from my honours degree. I am not so sure someone that rents this place would even use a mini greenhouse if we move away. 

So cayenne pepper, coffee grinds, a natural pesticide spray and now this sprinkler are all I am going to do to protect the garden.

On the long term weather forecast, it looks like the overnight weather will dip down to 5 degrees celcius again around June 4th. So my plastic will have to go back on again.

 The anticipation of whether or not I'm going to see anything germinate in the next few weeks is killing me!!!

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