Friday, 15 June 2012

oh right i graduated

 man this already feels like so long ago and i just finished in april
 evan's jalapeno plant has more flowers

 Tried to get a photo from below
 New buds on my green peppers
 My sea of herbs
 The one tomato plant I kep inside. Evan isnt convinced we will have tomatoes and wants to go buy a plant..I will humour him
 Okra! (makes me think of Austin powers sayin "OP-RAH" in one of the three i need to watch those!
 The peppers I planted sprung up a bit more...I want to climatize these and plant a few outside..even if i get nothing from them
 I think I've been watching too much Mad Men..this caught my eye at Winners hahaha
 Star anise looks like an insect when its covered in sauce...
 A tofu, rice, onion, and pea stir fry in hoisin and soy sauce I made yesterday
 That's my radishes spread they were more bunched together. I just used a small hand garden shovel and dug as deep as I could around the plants to uproot them gently then laid them out on the ground beside me until it looked like the ones remaining were far enough apart, then i made some new rows with the pulled ones using the shovel to stab and move the earth and with the shovel still in the ground, slid the roots down alongside the shovel then gently pulled the shovel back out and the dirt just fell into place around the radish, then i patted down the soil and moved on. I just hope they make it. There was already a thickened radishy area on quite a few of the roots.

 I am going to plant more herbs on the deck in pots and hope they fare better. I have no luck with cilantro
 I had 3 zucchini in the same spot, I spread them out and potted one for my mom. I hope the rabbits around her house don't eat it on her
 He was less than impressed that my attention was on the garden for a few minutes
 A lot of my spinach didn't make it...the root at the soil surface was very very thin and either broke or just wouldn't hold up the plant anymore. I don't think this was from a pest, but I doubt the wind coud cause it either....not sure.
 Hahaha, sometimes 2 year olds can surprise you. I came around the corner from turning the hose on and he was already watering the garden for me!
 Then he was very upset when the water stopped but we explained to him that the plants can drink too much and get sick.
Then he allowed us to take him in and give him a bath

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