Friday, 8 June 2012

day 1 of experiment

 all three of my zucchini plants have started. i think i will give one to my mom since you really only need one plant for a small family
 Cucumbers were over with the carrots and I thought they were a weed until my mom told me what they were hahahaha . I must have mixed up the seeds I planted. I cant believe I still have a cold, have had one since I planted these things!
 Lettuce and spinach

The tomatoes in the pots outside look better than the ones in the ground....

Evan's jalapeno plant is flowering!
his new favourite thing to do
The data sheets for my experiment
The room I work in...yes thats a garbage bag curtain down there to block out light
The stimuli and the control of distilled water
One of those light detectors that tells you how low or high the light is...usually used by photographers and cinematographers
It is illegal to keep or rerelease invasive species so they are quickly and humanely euthanized and disposed of

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