Sunday, 10 June 2012

one point twenty one jiggawatts!

All 3 Back to the Future movies are playing today on the Space channel and it was Michael J Fox's birthday yesterday, so,  I feel like telling the story (it's short) about why I love Michael J. Fox so much, since I have no gardening or other news today, so here goes my first post on Things I Am Obsessed With:

It all started with the fact that my dad used to take me almost weekly (from what I remember) to a local video store called Bandito Video and we would both choose movies to rent and watch together. Everytime a new Michael J. Fox movie was there, i would rent and re-rent it a few times. My dad told me that even when I was just out of toddlerhood I would obsessively rent Teen Wolf and any other Michael J. Fox movies I saw there. I have no idea why I loved him, probably a combination of the fact that we watched Family Ties on tv and that his movies were very kid-oriented. As I grew up, my love for his movies never waned.

 There was also a "play place' type area in that video store that I would play in while my dad chose his movies. I also loved the staff because they were so friendly. So much so, in fact, that I never forgot what one patron looked like (the store closed when I was a teenager, and I had already stopped going there in preference for Blockbuster's cheaper prices and larger selection -how horrible!) and when I went into labour at 26 years old, the woman who did my intake was this very patron and we had a conversation about the store and how nice she was to me as a child and that I had never forgotten her, as I was having contractions and signing paperwork, haha! She said to come and show her my baby before I left if I remembered to and if she was working, but I totally forgot until a few weeks later.

So, since then, I have been slowly collecting his movies on DVD and memorbilia such as a '45 record soundtrack from an obscure movie he did with Joan Jett that I found at my husband's place of work- a used goods store called The Rad Zone !
And I got a tattoo of the delorean because portraits are almost always creepy and/or dont look good..although i toyed with the idea of getting the teen wolf movie cover image of him all hairy in the letter jacket. In the end I thought the car was better and found a really cool sketch of it online that my cousin adapted for my arm. So its not just a tattoo for Michael J Fox but also for memories of my dad and a happy childhood and my love for art and movies and the escapism they provide.

this is for you terr haha (inside joke about how i side eye her all the time)

I have finally admitted to myself that I have failed horribly at Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I stopped halfway through the program at the end of April and never really fully picked it back up, doing workouts here and there. I have decided I will start over this week or next and add in some Insanity workouts to stave off boredom, since thats what a lot of women report doing in a Jillan Michaels group on facebook I am a part of. I like how everyone is supportive of eachother and offers solutions and opinions on the Body Revolution program as well as other fitness programs or videos. I know that I shouldn't NEED these strict programs to just eat healthy and get regular exercise but I like being on a schedule and she decides that for you with the program. After the program I will be much more fit and able to just go for runs or do other things to stay fit, and the healthier eating will slowly become natural.

In other news, I actually went out last night, to real bars with real people! And this is the first ever picture of me in instagram!
I remind myself of a bunny....thats what i get for talking when they were trying to take a picture. We went to a bar that is largely frequented by...erm..older people...needless to say i was laughing so hard i was reduced to tears a few times watching people dancing up a storm. Let me clarify, I wasn't laughing to be mean, i just never ever was a person that could dance, and in a way I am jealous of other people who can just let loose on the floor and do silly things. I love to watch it at weddings and things.

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