Monday, 18 June 2012

 garden protection! it wont stop raining every other day so it will all wash away soon. egg shells, cayenne pepper and the home made pesticide i made earlier and froze in batches. i broke that spray bottle...need a better way to deliver the pesticide than dollar store spray bottles that clog easily...
 my radishes wilted for about 2 days after i loved them but look much better now
 my zucchini that didn't move is a lot larger
 tomatoes in pots are getting taller
 my sad little successful patch of spinach, i planted more spinach seeds...waiting!
 cilantro takes sooo long to germinate and sprout! finally just coming up now
 egg shells and cayenne pepper, take that slugs! i have never actually seen more than one slug and it was being eaten by a pile of i'm not sure what is putting holes in my radish leaves and ate two of my 3 cucumber plants
the colour of rust
 i want to try to find chia seeds, black rice and amaranth...i love carbs and i need healthier versions other than white rice..kinda tired of quinoa too
 Nurse Jackie is so airbrushed I almost didn't recognize her...sheesh...that's not necessary..she's still an attractive woman with a few lines on her face.
My mother brought me this...with good intentions...but I did not drink it...took a was completely bitter, not sure if she ordered it wrong or...

I did ten minutes of the first Insanity dvd and then rode my exercise bike for another 15 tonight! Felt great. Need to get up early and pack a lunch AND dinner for I will be at my experiment all day and then have class 4-7pm. Hope I will have the energy to ride the bike for a bit again tomorrow! Chatting with a friend got me motivated again. Having a workout buddy is sooooooo important....for me anyway. I think tomorrow I will do some strength training with Jillian and the bike. Battling some mosquitos in my livingroom and then bedtime for me!

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