Wednesday, 13 June 2012

taylor swift won't get out of my head.....

 Stressful past few days (what else is new) experiment was delayed again!!! We decided we need to collect MORE quantitative data than simply qualitative to prove our experiment works, and I decided we needed a camera to do so, so I ordered a night vision one for 60 bucks that my mother in law is currently across the river (we are separated from the United States - Michigan, by the St. Mary's River) collecting. I will be spending a few hours figuring out how to work that and then I have an education banquet tonight where I will be receiving a jacket with the logo of our reserve on it for graduating from my college program in May.
 watching cats play relieves stress
 Then we had a family dinner and Damien got his cousin over to play with. They played surprisingly well for toddlers!
 I still need to give my mother one of these plants and maybe just move another to a different area of the garden
 It's been thunderstorming and extrmemly windy the last few days. I'm not sure if thats why my spinach has all fallen over and become limp. If it wasn't that then it was insects. I mostly see ants in my garden though, which are eating the other insects and slugs and yes they crawl on my plants but I never see them chewing on them...
 A bunch more carrots popped up..a little too close together, going to have to space them out
 My tomato plants are looking better! I can't believe it!
 They actually look green now instead of white. I kept pinching off the white, bleached leaves at the stem and the new growth kept coming in and they made it!
 Definitely need to space out my radishes too! Hopefully I can do this tonight or tomorrow
Having fun with strange korean emoticons on the chat App I use to talk to my cousin on the other side of the world. Cat paw pads emoticon!

Amost thought I was going to have to drop my Stats class because my academic advisor put me in classes I didn't actually need but I decided to stay in them since stats is required for pretty much all undergrad science programs anyways and I want to get my Masters and don't want to be lacking requirements for that. Time to work on Assignment 2!

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