Thursday, 3 May 2012

the better butter chicken

 Modifications: I had no sour cream so I used a cup of coconut milk. I don't use tandoori chicken. I use about 4 times the amount of spices they call for, and way more cilantro.
 Then I made a Canadian Living lentil and leek soup recipe. Modifications: doubled it, used crushed tomatoes instead of diced, and didn't add as much potatoes as called for.
 It is good, and very filling. I sectioned it and froze it for lunches at school
Since my peppers aren't sprouting I bought some more and some biodegradable pots at the dreaded Walmart
 Lentil soup! Had those lentils sitting around for months and they finally guilted me into cooking them
 And I bought this! What is it you ask?
 Instead of putting my stinky compost on the counter in a salad bowl until I bring it outside, I got this!
 I found it online. it's better than normal indoor compost bins because it seals the smell in
It came with a bunch of compostable bags but I will try to reuse them as much as possible because I'm not sure about the polymers breaking down in my compost and then using that in my garden next year....
Here is how I found it
 skinny jeans and a "EARTH" shirt. Felt like making him look cool like mommy today.
Oh Walmart, you have so many impulse buys for parents. He likes it very much though. I've since raked up those butts all around him :\

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