Saturday, 12 May 2012

product review and update on my list

From this list of things to do that I posted earlier:

1. Quit coffee.......again
2. Get back on my 1500 calorie a day diet ....
3. Get back on my 1500 calorie a day diet by taking the time to sit down and plan my meals then make a list based on those meals, then go and get those items at the grocery store, then pre-make some of the meals for the week
 4. Check out Bulk Barn at its new location and see what groceries I can get in bulk for cheap.
5. Go to Fabricland and price tulle, and see if they even have it.
 6. Clean my house, one room at a time (will be 1-2 rooms a day), and by clean I also mean organize, donate, throw away - declutter!!
7.Tomorrow is my first day of school and I have a load of paperwork and tasks to do just based on that

 I have done tulle is about 8 bucks for a 3x1 metre piece. I bought one piece and put it on my perennials by my doorway to see how it works because they were showing signs of being eaten.

 Bulk Barn is awesome, already posted about that one

 Today I am on Day 1 of no coffee and I am at work, and people keep mentioning that I don't look awake yet. Thanks guys. Just don't say I need a coffee. I have claws. Haha. Eating hasn't been so good and neither has my spring cleaning. My schedule at school during my experiment is going to be long hours and last minute tasks. I am not sure I can get back into a routine until its done. Which won't be until the end of the month or so. Either way, this caffeine kicking will probably help me from crashing and having mood swings during the day. When I first started losing weight a friend told me caffeine is really a hindrance and I am finally heeding that advice now. It won't be easy as I am a severe addict but I also need to stop spending spare change on coffee and being late for things because I HAVE to stop for one.

I just found out my car needs major repairs so I won't be spending any money on new products other than what I need to finish the start-up of my garden, as well as a bridesmaid's dress I need to go and get at the end of the month.

I have two assignments due next week as well as another test so my weekend will be focused on that, with a little nephew's birthday party and spring cleaning thrown in there. I ordered a piece of cheese cloth on Amazon for six bucks so all I need are cinderblocks and we can build our rain barrel. I will be ordering my compost and mulch around the 20th, probably after the long weekend though.

Here is a product review:

other reviews and images
I bought this on Amazon. I have had a struggle with acne since I became a teenager and have found that Proactiv doesn't really work for me. One thing I liked about it was the mask though. I decided to go a medicated free route (Proactiv contains salicylic acid) and try this clay.

It says you can add equal parts water or raw apple cider vinegar. I dont have any raw vinegar so I just used water. I have also read that you can crush up an aspirin and add it to the mix for the salycilic acid

I look like Frankenstein. The directions say to leave it on for 3-5 or 15-20 minutes based on the sensitivity of your skin. I HAD to wash it off after about 8 minutes because the tightening and pulsating feeling (which is good) was starting to drive me crazy. I'm the type of person who can't wear fake eyelashes or a lot of makeup because I hate the feeling. It made my skin feel great though, and I will continue to use it on a weekly basis. I may go and purchase some raw vinegar if it's not too expensive to try with it.

Had a lot of time to play and be silly with my son yesterday

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