Tuesday, 1 May 2012

hair problems

 my little cave spelunker
 a regular occurrence around here
the new science building at Algoma University. We have our own labs now and don't have to travel down the street to the Great Lakes Forestry labs.
 umm, what the hell is this in Algoma University's new building? I'm not used to seeing this type of futuristic  stuff in this city...haha
 Does it seriously spit out cooked food? hahaha I have to see someone buy something from it.
 I need to go to the beach and get him more sand
 Fascinated by ants and all insects like I was as a kid
 Perennials, getting bigger but also showing signs of being eaten!

 I gave in and washed my hair with actual shampoo! Mind you it was 99% natural shampoo. I was getting antsy waiting for that water filter. My scalp is incredibly dried out again but having that "sticky" feeling gone from my natural oils remaining in my hair is certainly making me want to quit and go back to shampoo. I think I am going to try using the Soap Works "Shampoo and Conditioner" soap bars I bought at Country Way on my hair as well as my body. I found them at Bulk Barn today, so I know I have more than one place to get them!! They are 2 dollars each there. I forget if that is the same as Country Way or not. Anyway, I stopped using shampoo because I am trying to stop buying plastics and stop using toxic chemicals. I think buying and using the non-packaged bars and using the water filter in the shower will allow my hair to be "clean" the way I am used to and also reduce my plastics and chemical consumption. I'm hoping that filtering out chlorine and "hard water" components like calcium will reduce the build up and stickiness that they typically cause for people who don't use harsh shampoos.

Speaking of Bulk Barn, I went there to check out what foods I can buy in bulk to save  money and reduce packaging. I will still be using baking soda for my hair occasionally, as well as for cleaning, baking, and as a component in my home made laundry soap, so instead of buying Arm and Hammer boxes I am going to buy large quantities at Bulk Barn. There is also things like juice mix, macaroni and cheese powder (sounds kind of yucky, haha) and cereals and things I can buy and put in canisters for my family to eat. I typically try not to eat these "comfort" foods but the rest of my family is not watching their waists so they like them. There is also gluten free pasta and organic foods in bulk. Needless to say, they have improved their selection since the last time I have been there.
Basking in the glorious sun today while my son played outside. Also enjoying my shampooed hair. That was a tough 2 months haha. I will post about how the bars work after I use them.

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