Friday, 4 May 2012

First week back to University was a success!

 uhhh this might be too many tomato plants lol...better read my canning information
 Went to a local bakery (Superior Bakery) and got some marbled rye bread
 Evan got some soft pretzels
 And i got baker's yeast! 6 pounds for just under $14. Apparently this is what you feed to sea lamprey larvae. I also get to keep some and try making my own bread with it!
 Poor things are already leaning towards the sun, but I think they're too young to put outisde for a few hours?
I might try sitting them on the step for a bit and see if they straighten up

My evening is going to be spent cleaning out my computer and organizing its documents, as well as planting some pepper seeds and cilantro seeds and moving some more furniture around to accomodate more pots

I was reading this site and it was very helpful! I won't separate my tomato plants until they get a little bigger.

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