Monday, 7 May 2012


So, I did not work out today and nor am I going to and here are my excuses:
1. Mondays are going to be my rest days because 7 pm class is brutal for me
 2. I had to go grocery shopping last night at 10 pm. Didn't get home til 11 and by the time I fell asleep it was around midnight.
3. Because I went to bed late i didn't get up at 7 am to work out.
 4. I could have done it after class but I had too many other errands to run.
5. I will start tomorrow, I promise!

 I ate very well today though, definitely got all my vegetable servings in. I only had two coffee even though I was dying for one before I left for my Stats class. Small steps!
This lovely fellow of my most favourite group of animals did exactly what I love them to do... which is touch anything I have to touch....I get phantom spider leg tickles on my neck just looking at this.

And since my best friend knows me so well she informed me of this story from where there is a picture of an OCTOPUS EATING A SEAGULL!! If my nightmares came to life...the only thing that would be different is that the octopus was 10x bigger, but that one's big enough to make me want to climb a tree and stay in it forever. I don't know what it is with me and 8 legged creatures.
Inspired by a restaurant meal, my husband and I made some mango, red grape, chicken wraps with plain yogurt and cilantro, salt and pepper. Very simple and very yummy! I also had some salad with this.
jealous, nancy?
Some more stuff came in! I love the idea of having the antidote to poison ivy around so I'm going to try to grow these. They are naturally from here and I heard that they can be almost like an invasive weed once they take hold in more southern gardens so I hope they grow easily.
Just need to get cheese cloth as a filter for the top and then Evan and I will tackle this together


  1. i wanna make that wrap thing! mmmm looks good. God i miss cooking. :(

  2. yeah it was really easy! don't worry, not much longer now