Wednesday, 2 May 2012

i have tomatoes!

 There's about 6 tomato plants sprouting in the black pot on the right!! Seems like over night. Sadly, no peppers yet. I may have to try again with those. I also want to buy more organic peppers seeds at Canadian Tire because I planted many of the ones I ordered and am afraid of running out if I'm not successful.
There are also many more herbs starting everyday. I ended up just rinsing my seeds from the saran wrapped plate into this soil because most of them were sprouting. I will have to carefully separate them as they get bigger and I learn what they are! 

Let's consult google:

basil seedlings, i see lots of these in my pot
dill seedlings, I also see these!
oregano seedlings, these are the teeeeny tiny ones i see in there
chives! i have 2 of these started, though they look much smaller and more delicate than these

I also found a company called Lemieux Composting  in my city that will deliver a truckload of compost, mulch, and even rock dust to my house for a pretty good price! I'd like to call them and get a quote and support local business, especially ones like this! I am so glad I googled "compost in bulk Sault Ste. Marie" haha. Seriously, if you don't have a website nowadays people do not hear about you.

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