Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My baby is growing up!

Wow, today was a hectic one! Had a lot of errands to run (again) and my son's mattress came in so we had to pick it up and then take down his crib and set it up!

 I don't think I will put anything up for sale in those used items ads online ever again or anytime soon. Somehow fielding multiple inquiry e-mails and bartering and letting people down is too stressful for me. Thankfully we may have found someone we know who is willing to take it.

 I went to the dollar store to get some notebooks for class and ended up getting Damien a cat toy while waiting in the mile long line

Needless to say he loved it

Even Daddy got in on the fun

My shower filter came in
New room setup. I will get him a frame when he's a bit bigger. I am worried about him falling at this age. So far it sounds like he fell asleep with no problem!
"I'm wearing Woody's hat mommy"
About to use it for the first time in a minute!

Because I finally did my workout! Kinda half assed it, but I did it!!!
My okra is already germinating!
That is a sweet pepper germinating, from the original batch i started a couple weeks ago
My spindly tomatoes. They aren't getting enough sun but if I replant them deeper in the soil they should be ok by the time they get outside (when I will cut off some side stems and replant them deeper again)
 Will have to separate my herbs soon (within another week)


  1. how did the shower head work? what does it do?

    1. Oh it filters out chlorine and hard water minerals and stuff like a drinking water filter does. Its basically Brita on my shower head. it's supposed to be benificial to your hair and skin. To be honest I feel less dry and itchy scalp since using it. my hair's texture hasn't really changed though, and they say it should over time become more softer