Friday, 25 May 2012

almost ready to plant!

 Some soil on the floor from Evan dropping our peppers pot on the floor..had to replant them all haha. They have no luck those poor things. I read that I should probably keep all my peppers (sweet, jalapeno) potted and in this little greenhouse all summer or they may not fruit. So I bought some larger nursery pots today for 3.50 each to replant them in. I am going to try some in the garden as well though.

 A shake breakfast
 Might try the new workout craze Insanity...ugh haha
 And then I got some compost!
 it's not much but I can go and buy some in the store if it's not enough. I like to support local as much as I can afford first.
 Yes yes I should do Insanity. Here's me helping put together the tubing for our tanks' water supply

 Timing how long the stimuli will take to pass through the tanks by timing the appearance of food colouring out the bottom holes.
 Toddlers are fun!

Oh look you can see my horrible DIY air conditioning vent to outside. I broke my plexiglass so I had to tape the vent to it hahaha. Things will be like that around here until I'm finished school and can hire people to do things properly!

 He decided his tractor was a better container for his raspberries than the bowl I provided

 And then we put our grill together at 11 o'clock at night because that's the only time we can do anything uninterrupted!
 We came home to this today. King of the castle
 Let the grilling begin! He wrapped some those asparagus in proscuitto
 Ain't no thang

 He loves water!
 I can't wait to take him swimming
And wheelbarrows.

Today we are going to take the tarp off the area we want to put the garden and scrape off all of the dead weeds and mix in the compost.  We also bought a bag of mulch just to see how much area one bag covers.
 We thought it was going to rain today but the dark clouds passed. It would have been nice for some rain despite our outdoor plans, especially since today we are inundated with smoke from a forest fire in the States, not sure how far away, but from the smell it can't be too far across St. mary's river

Tonight I will review how to sow all of my selected vegetables in our "How to Grow Food" book, and look at my garden layout plan and see if I need to adjust it at all. Might be able to plant some seeds tomorrow before work.

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