Tuesday, 29 May 2012

my yearly spring cold has arrived...ugh

 doubt you can read my chicken scratch...modified garden plan...scaled down a LOT
 downloaded a new ebook..The Night Strangers
Ahahah best of Dan Aykroyd was on while I was at work....sketch comedy was sooooo different back then...compared to the "i'm on a boat" digital shorts that we have now lol

i soaked my seeds and then it poured rain and the power went out and i had a test to write and studied all day so they never got planted yesterday...soaked for an extra night. the lettuce and spinach already starteds germinating overnight!

zucchini, bush beans and radish

Now I am boiling a natural insecticide that I can spray around the garden on a daily basis. Any strong smelling plants like garlic ginger and mint boiled down and strained, add cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of castile soap per litre of liquid.
Whipped up an asian soup even though I had no appetite because of a horrible head cold that started yesterday and spread from my chest. Not fun!
Despite feeling like crap I finally sowed my seeds in more or less the layout I had written down (but in a much lazier fashion). I didn't really make perfect little rows of fingerholes and then gently drop the seeds in each, measuring the distance between them. It was more like throw fingertip-fulls of wet seads into the soil and then brush them around. Especially for the wee tiny seeds. We'll see how the lazy man's garden looks if anything actually grows, haha
Cucumber went here

There it is. 

I put bone and blood meal (nitrogen and phosphorus) in yesterday before it rained. Also hoed out the walkways and made mounds for the planting rows. I'm not sure how much that will help the sandy soil. I also bought some organic vegetable food that I can add to the dirt around the seedlings once they start growing.
The tomatoes are going to spend a few more days climatizing and then they too can be put out. I have one of those little hand garden shovels somewhere...
I also bought one more bag of manure and compost to transplant the peppers into bigger pots and they're going to stay inside in the mini greenhouse with me.


  1. impressive! I'm still in the "planting stuff in pots" phase...although someday when we own a house I'd looove to plant directly into the ground. sigh!

  2. planting in pots is just as rewarding though! i'm not sure i will be living here forever either. i might be planting in pots in my future.