Tuesday, 15 May 2012

day 3 with no....some....caffeine? hehe

Ok so I drank a Diet Pepsi last night and I had some Vanilla Chai tea this morning. But neither of those have as much caffeine as coffee, both have less than half in fact. I don't feel like i NEED it to get through the day but i crave enjoying a hot drink or a cold drink at certain times of the day. So its mostly just habit breaking that i need to do. I had some dizziness and headaches on the first day and after those went away i experienced a lethargic and groggy feeling, but that also passed. That will be the only caffeine drink I have today and tomorrow I may not have any. I upped my water intake by a lot as well.
 my hang for the next year..and my microwave...should i learn to play foosball?
 classroom door over there
 mmmm tobasco jalapeno hot sauce
 came home to a crime scene yesterday.
 SOMEONE (my cat Loki i assume) pulled all my pepper plants that took so long to germinate out of the pot...sigh
But some new ones have started! Not sure if you can see that, this was yesterday
 This is this morning!
 I had one surviving plant in this pot so I literally taped the saran wrap down. I hope that deters her.
My tulle covering my perennials (which are amongst grass and hard to see). Can't tell if it stopped the insect damage yet or not, it's still too early. Will have to find a way to prop it up higher soon as the plants grow

I have two major assignments due by Thursday and the preparations for my experiment are progressing. Going to be a busy two days. And then its the long weekend. I will be working and then going to David's Bridal in Michigan to buy a bridesmaid's dress with one of my best friends and the rest of the bridal party!

We sort of hit a road block with using glass beads as a substrate (the ammocoetes cannot burrow into them) so we have to use sand and maybe make the tank thinner so we can see their behaviour under the sand. It's sort of neat to be involved in something that's not really been studied before (I have seen studies about ammocoete movement under sand with tracking devices but never their reaction to "danger" chemicals)

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