Sunday, 13 May 2012

another test tomorrow! and my longest day. happy mother's day!

 birthday party loot bag stuff. we drew the birthday boy together
 haha she always looks evil in pictures....just in pictures...
my momma holding my mothers day gift that i got from my husband. he borrowed that image from the place he works and had it blown up and framed at staples simply because i couldnt keep my eyes off it everytime i went to visit him there. i have had a thing for the doors since i first found their record in my dad's collection (i used to listen to his records when he wasn't home)

Okra, and my tomatoes are getting their first true leaves! Which means I can plant them in their own individual pots soon and then outside. I have been putting them outside on the step for a few hours a day on nice days to get them used to the elements.
Not sure if my herbs are going to make it. Cats finally DID topple them over and they fell all over the floor in a pile of soil and I had to pick out each individual plant and decided to separate them as best I could. This is of chives and some dill and rosemary I just put back into the same container with new soil. I removed most of the dill and the basil to their own little pots as well (see above this image). My dill looks pretty sad so I don't knnnnnowwww if they'll make it
Also got some pansies! Remind me of Alice in Wonderland, my favourite Disney classic. 
Sorry for the crappy blurry photos !


  1. hahahaha awesome gift !!! you were juuuuust talkin about that too

  2. oh i know. its wonderful!i still haven't decided where to put it