Wednesday, 16 May 2012

another long busy day

 I had about a half hour to run errands this morning and then sit in my car for ten and quickly browse a magazine. I love Men's Health and hate Women's Health. There are sooooo many more interesting articles in the men's magazine. Not fair I tell ya.
I took this picture for my cousin, because I was angry that Zac Efron was on the cover this month.....long story haha.
 Something to keep in mind as grilling season is upon us
 These peppers I bought from Canadian Tire are sprouting super fast and I credit it to the saran wrap mini greenhouse I created by covering them with it. I couldn't believe the difference in temperature of the soil in the covered versus non-covered ones. Oh the things people have known for centuries and I am just discovering, haha.

 Definitely have to separate these within the next few days. They have an interesting pungent smell
 My poor sun starved okra. Its been too cold to put them outside, we're talking below 10 degrees celcius
These transplanted traumatized herbs seem to be doing ok

Time to write a paper on glomerulonephritis for Disease Biology class. I got my Statistics assignment done without any tears or book throwing and my paper got delayed so I have until Tuesday to hand it in!

We also purchased some plumbing stuff to route the water from the taps in the sea lamprey holding tank into the smaller tanks for the experiment. We are still unsure what to do about not being able to see them in the substrate. We might have to just try using sand and just measure where and if we see sand moving to gauge their location, or get a smaller bead (but I don't think they will burrow in any beads to be honest).

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