Saturday, 5 May 2012

got nothing done, totally distracted, and a product review

Wow, the first few days of warm weather and transitioning from one schedule to another has me really distracted and not motivated to do anything productive at all. I didn't pot my new seeds yet, and i destroyed my cilantro seeds by accidentally dropping them in coffee. Don't ask.

 So, here is a random photo dump since I am at work and can't do anything else right now.

My son dressed as a greaser from THE OUTSIDERS, not Grease (I hate that movie).
Me in my lab coat heading to a lab (duh), being narcissistic
Children help you remember what its like to act like children
piss on clever Calvin
me at work, being narcissistic
My mom holding an even smaller than normally small orange
The latest pope's looks scare me, but I like some religious imagery. I was bored in the mall my hsuband works in
Such grown up mannerisms
Pho in Ottawa....mmmmmm
a pumpkin contest by hotel staff in Ottawa at the hotel i stayed in. I voted for the ET pumpkin obviously. I still can't get over it
my little hipster
my homemade laundry soap ingredients. grate the soap, add half a cup of each borax and baking soda, add 5L hot water, stir, let turn into a gel over night. Use half a cup of the gel per load
What I should be doing right now!!
Green living ideas
A particularly nice day and a good mood day, showing my cousin my girly nails...she's in Korea
baby toes on a little square foot
On the last day of school we collected aquatic invertebrates to measure the quality of water in 2 different places

The "how orange do I look" makeup test shot
Stop it with the cuteness
What i stare at for 8 hours on the weekends

And here's one I just took a few moments old friends are back...the only problem with warm weather and working at an ancient gas station

If you ever decide that you want to start using rechargable batteries there are quite a few places to buy the chargers online. Do not buy a battery charger for NiMh batteries that is not a "smart" charger because they do not recognize when the battery is fully charged and DO NOT TURN OFF causing OVERHEATING of the battery. I have 4 ruined batteries and a shorted out melted charger. After this happened I read reviews on multiple chargers and learned this is a common problem. Lesson learned. I usually read reviews before buying but got lazy this time. Never again!
I imagine this could cause fire and or chemical leakage of the batteries. If there is the ability for a charger to be "smart", shouldn't they all have this as a necessary safety feature?
 I'm lucky I bought the warranty but I am not going to use this charger again anyways. 

I found a "smart charger" online for cheaper than what I paid for the Energizer charger. The cheaper one also charges more than one type of rechargable battery, there are ones that contain cadmium or metal hydride with the nickel and it doesn't matter which I buy. Some chargers will only charge one or the other. I will post pics of my fried charger and my new charger in the near future.

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