Thursday, 10 May 2012

"Your adventure has begun!"

 Had a snack while waiting to hear from my teacher. Dill havarti and italian herbed flat breads mmmm
 oh dear.... (piglet from winnie the pooh voice)
 And then I finally got to feed the sea lamprey ammocoetes
 They came in a box filled with sand
 Prepared a holding tank for them
 Covered the bottom with sand for them to burrow, since that's what they like to do. The water in here is straight from the river, unfiltered and untreated. It was soooo cooold
 Dissolved baker's yeast and sand
 There they are! The larger ones are only about 15 cm long
Put the yeast and an oxygen tube in and they are good to go until the morning. They will filter the yeast out of the water overnight as they are in a filter feeding stage of life
 Just since this morning these have grown over 1 centimetre!
The peppers have also gotten a bit bigger.

As my teacher said to me today, my adventure has begun! We will be making the small observation tanks for the sea lamprey Monday. I also have another test and an evening class. Better get lots of sleep Sunday night.


  1. eeeek! they are so freaky to me still haha

  2. haha yeah the big ones are scarier though. these guys i can handle