Saturday, 26 May 2012

the garden has been started!

first grilled meal of the season! proud papa
zucchini, asparagus wrapped in proscuitto and chili lime garlic wings! yum

moved the tarp and ripped up all the dead grass and weeds!
he was calling to borrow his mom's wheelbarrow
can you see the caterpillar?
 i made a friend
 we had lots of these friends in the soil we were digging into
 all weeds removed and sand dug up and turned
 in comes the compost!

then my son was home from daycare to help!

this made me jump about 3 feet and then of course i got in close to take a picture haha
my little helper
he's going to be a gardener for sure, he said "this is fun mommy"
finding bugs
then a fence went up and we called it a day!

 these were out getting sun with us
 Evan got too much sun

I just came up with a new garden layout plan and will be planting tomorrow hopefully! Gotta get an all natural insect repellent ready and start collecting my coffee grounds and egg shells for the garden as well as collect pop bottles to place around younger seedlings for protection.

I also need to make some sort of row covers or entire garden cover for night time and pest protection with a large roll of construction type plastic I had left over in my basement since flooring was put down a few years ago.

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