Monday, 30 April 2012

stress bomb day!

 whole wheat pasta salad, before i added the pasta
 I saw a movie set yesterday!I haven't seen one of those since I lived in Vancouver, but recently Northern Ontario has become a hotspot for cheap filming. It was exciting but i also feel bad when I'm in the way of one. They let the mall where my husband works stay open during filming though. Didn't see any actors but the Director of photography apparently worked on Deer Hunter and Close Encounters of the Third Kind! oooooooo! When I find out the name of the movie that was shot here I will post.
 Waaay over there was a set made to look like a local food market. Apparently Heather Graham was shooting in it all day before I showed up.

 All of their stuff. Not much actually.

 I have about 6 herb plants sprouted now. The little seedlings are so cute. Not sure what is what. Will have to google what my seedlings look like later.
 Theres teeny tiny round leaved ones and then larger thin leaved ones. And theres one growing in my peppers pot, not sure how the seed made its way in there!
Today was stressful and long and isn't over yet. Still have to go to my evening Statistics class ewwwww! Paying 6 bucks for parking as well because the lines were so long to buy a parking pass I had no time to get one!
But I see this face and remember what I'm doing it all for!

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