Sunday, 22 April 2012

What a day to start a blog! Earth Day 2012

I have decided to start a blog to document not only my last year of University, my son's second year of life, but also my slow and determined lifestyle change. I am on a weight loss journey, and also on a journey to become a more self-sufficient and resilient member of the world. My first big step is a vegetable garden. I have lived on the same property my entire life and at 27, have finally decided to have one. My recent education has sort of sparked a change in me that I always knew needed to happen, I just didn't know when or how. I always had excuses or better things to do. But not anymore. I want my son to learn these things from a young age so it is not as dificult for him as it no doubt is going to be for me. Not only do I want a garden, but I have been looking for ways to reduce consumption of...everything, especially plastic and other petroleum products. More on that in other blog posts. Here are my Earth Day photos from my community (Garden River, Ontario).
It started by driving a short distance to my sister-in-law's and picking up a wagon to take the kids to the recreation centre just down the street where they handed out garbage bags, recycling bags, and we entered a draw for participating

the boys were not sure what we were up to at first and stayed in the wagon, entertaining eachother

but after a while, they started to run around and point out garbage and cars for us


he can't leave the house without that "doggy" sometimes. poor guy's gonna need another wash soon, all intermingled with the recyclables
and for the sad part of the day...someone lit a pile of tires on fire in our community landfill. caused a lot of outrage and the only good thing was that many people's eyes were opened. I have been doing my own environmental research for years through summer student jobs and school and have come to realize that First Nations don't have the same laws and government funds protecting the environment, which is stupid because all land, air, and water is connected. Everyone will be affected by this tire fire and the toxins it released. I hope that this sparks a change here and I am more than willing to be a part of the solution.
our measly haul by the time the boys starting getting irritable and fighting over who can pull the wagon
a friendly visitor
Back at the rec centre, we participated in the draw while the kids had a snack and ran around the gym
When my name was called the prize table was still full and I was allowed to choose what I wanted. I grabbed these because my husband has a fear of wasps and we do get them every year. And I didn't buy any pumpkin seeds for my garden so what the heck! We'll see if these work
And then my son also won and he chose a cedar tree (with some motioning from me). He seems to love his tree, touching it and breathing in its cedary scent

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