Monday, 23 April 2012

day 1 of week off school!

 Today was Damien's first day back to daycare after a week off sick and my husband's second non-consecutive day off work in a week, and my first day off school after final exams!

                                                   A sort of Denver omelette cooked with....
                      coconut oil! from the country way ...apparently i can use this on my hair and skin benefits of coconut oil
                              it was very close to being a Dexter morning...just missing the blood orange
 Then we went to investigate what sort of things are for sale in the gardening section of Canadian Tire....
                                                                      yes or gnome?
                                    holy hell...i don't need a rain barrel that bad...or i can DIY one.
                                                 i also can probably make my own trellis'
                                                        very rough draft of garden plan...
                                                 dill, chives, oregano, and basil....i hope...
this will save me money in the end with how many batteries i buy for my son, not to mention they are toxic as hell and should not be in a landfill...battery charger and batteries with a 3 year warranty from The Source $100

                                              "where'd damey gooooo?!" he says as he hides

tomorrow i will be doing this: killing grass..or moss..or whatever's on my "lawn" as it takes about a month and makes the ground easier to work with


  1. Please DO NOT buy that damn ugly tiny creature gnome thing!!! Or else I will cry, steal it and then burn it and spread the ashes all over the world separately so they do not rejoin like the evil fuckers they are!

    1. AHAHA so i take that as a "gnome" answer