Thursday, 26 April 2012

no sun today...drizzle drizzle

 3 days worth of compostables
 some reading material..haven't gotten to it yet
 my seeds came in!
 and since my cats love to knock things over on the window sills i had to restart my herbs, this time i just misted them and covered them in saran wrap, when they start germinating i will plant them. hope it works!
 tomato seeds
 mixed sweet peppers
 starting these both inside . in the "seed starting" moist soil they go. i read that i should mist and cover these in saran wrap as well.
 i moved some furniture around in my livingroom so i had room for an old computer desk against the southern window - a new home for my plants...i hope! i am so afraid they won't even germinate.
 then i watched my son play with his trains
 and a cat sleep
and cooked supper. marinated pork tenderloin with asparagus and new potatoes. my son is a snacky child who eats here and there from the time he gets home. he had a bit of pasta, some grapes, a lot of milk, and he sampled everything on my plate but wasn't too impressed.

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